Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just Call Me Peggy

And so continues the craft room saga. Today I decided to focus on the walls and make myself a pegboard for organization. Actually, I lie... it was a two day affair and it wasn't so much about organization as it was about wanting something pretty and the fact I had seen this on Pinterest. So I'll spare you the how-to details because I did exactly what I do with most things in life... I copied someone else.

When it came to the supplies, however, I got creative. I got the pegboard from the scrap bin at the hardware store. You know what's nice about the scrap bin of the hardware store? You ask "how much", they say "twelve dollars" and when you say "no way" they say "okay, how about $5?". Sold! It was the perfect size and, sure, it had a rather big scratch on it but it's pegboard... I just used the other side. Besides, I might end up painting it some day so it really didn't matter.

When it came to accessories I decided to keep it on the cheap and headed to the dollar store. I found a wire utensil basket and some plastic little baskets that will work wonderfully for the likes of markers, pencil crayons and paint brushes. I also found these plastic cups. A bargain at 3 for a dollar. And, yes, I did buy 2 sets solely to get more pink cups. Don't judge!

After some trial and error (mostly error) I found the best way to drill the holes needed for hanging the cups on the pegs was to first put masking tape on the cup. Not only did this prevent cracking but it had the added benefit of acting as a guide as to where to drill:

I then started with a small bit and progressively got bigger. Actually, that's a lie. I first tried using the big bit right off the go. This resulted in a squished cup and a lot of smoke (not a surprise, coming from me). What can I say, I'm a strong she-man. And, yes, I know what you're thinking.. I should clearly be a hand model:

In the end I used 3 bits: (Shave and a hair cut? Two bits!)

And then?!?!?!? I put them on the hooks! I love them!

The only 'problem'? The room is actually too organized. Between bookcases, shelves, ribbon storage and now the pegboard... I have nothing to put in the cups. Fear not, I'll come up with something.

I'm thinking candies and bon bons...


Flange said...

This is amazing. Pinterest, FTW! I cannot believe you have nothing to put into the cups!

Kristin said...

Very organized indeed! Love the cups :)